Our Fabrics

Kilim Rugs

We use Turkish Kilim rugs to make a lot of our products. Each rug is handmade and is one of a kind making each bag or pair of shoes completely unique. The Kilims that we use are between 40 – 100 years old. The majority are made in Anatolia by Anatolian women for use in their homes, either decorative or as prayer rugs.

The colours on the Kilim rugs, reflect the emotions of the makers, i.e. bright colours reflect happiness. The patterns on the Kilims differ reflecting their regions. The patterns also contain different symbols depicting stories. All of our Kilim rugs are sourced from small villages in Anatolia. They are then cleaned and repaired before being used for shoes or bags!

Ikat Silks

All of the Ikat silk we use is handmade in Uzbekistan. Ikat silk is a silk cotton mix. Only a small amount of silk is produced, making all of our Ikat shoes and Sneakers limited edition. We can rarely get the same silk twice.