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Chelsea Pensioners

Dedicated to The Royal Hospital, our new ‘She Who Dares’ Sneakers are inspired by the charming and brilliant Chelsea Pensioners, to whom we all owe so much. Having a chat with the pensioners every morning before Chelsea Flower show starts is one of my favourite things about having an exhibition stand there, they have some amazing stories to tell and we wanted to do something to acknowledge them.

The Chelsea Pensioners’ uniforms are so smart, perfectly reflecting the gentlemen who wear them. Taking inspiration from the uniforms and Royal Hospital logo, the ikat silk on the sneakers represent the claret coats and medal ribbons. The gold leather mirrors the pensioner’s brass buttons. The Black trim and optional black velvet laces to represent their iconic felt hats and the gold braiding to give them a military finish.


of every pair sold will be donated to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.

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